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How it all began… Part One

I was just 15, visiting my family for the Christmas holidays. My Aunty, a single 41 year old near virgin. She had given me a few books to read.

I thought to myself “why the hell would i want to read these”

The titles of these books were;

The Original Sinners, - The Siren. - The Angel. - The Mistress.                     And of course the famous “50 Shades of Grey”

As I was reading through the first books, I found myself relating to some of the characters. How some craved the feeling of “pain”. I began falling in love with the characters. I learnt alot about the world of BDSM. This is how my small dirty fetishes began. I started googling. Finding out as much information on BDSM as I could. I decided to go further and try Omegle with the tag “bdsm” to find a ‘dom’ to speak to.. I was so young and innocent that I believed half the so called ‘doms; I spoke to were genuine. But I then found that one ‘wombat’ as he likes to be called. He spoke to me, in a more proper way. Spoke to me about things that made me begin to masturbate before bed. Id wake up with my boxers covered in cum. Wombat, made me lick it up. At first I was like “WTF, I dont want to do that” but I eventually learnt and fell in love with being told what to do. 

This is what began my obsession with being told to do things i not necessarily wanted to do, but I wanted to do everything i could to please this man. I started to learn about masturbation, more and more, and first I didnt feel much. But ‘Sir’ as I came to call him, made me so horny, I couldnt help but rub my little clit. I was still a virgin, yes. But that doesnt mean i didnt know things. I became quite the little nymph, masturbating at my nans bingo groups.

I found this site, FetLife. Kinky facebook as I described it. At first i admit, I used it for the wrong reasons. All I did was put naked photos of myself up. Thats not what it should be used for. I learnt the word ‘creep’ pretty early after that.  

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Q: Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck ?

hurmmmm one horse sized duck

asked by nehiph

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Im such a wanna be masochist, its not even funny haha

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Time to spark up some real fun, any one who has any requests on a photo or a video. Send me a message and ill see what i can do ;)

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