Q: Will there be more posts of you?

i dont know about that.. why not message me privetly so i know whose talking to me

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Q: Are u a lesbian?

Nope why ?
I’m bi

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This is pretty much spot on! It annoys me so much when kids at scho use to say
I have OCD
Because, their pencils were facing one way.
Non of my friends know that I Have OCD and anxiety. For me it’s the biggest shame. I know it shouldn’t be. But when your walking down your driveway to have a smoke. And you have to check the letter box 4 times then walk back, counting each step in your head but not counting pay the number 4. Or having to make sure all the mirrors are covered in my room before I can sleep. Having the constant fear that my actions, control my life and the people I care about lives, knowing the entire time that it’s not true but having to repet actions over and over until it’s done correctly.
Sometimes it takes me 5 minutes to unlock my phone because I do it wrong the first few times.
So people who say you have OCD because your pencils are straight or in order, do you care to swap lives? Because I’d much rather your version of OCD then mine.

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